Apartments in Nida

“Man … sacrifices his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.

And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present;

The result being that he does not live in the present or the future;

He lives as if he is never going to die,

And then dies having never really lived.“

Dalai Lama

Apartments in Nida

But to live and to have something fond to remember, one must dedicate time for himself. Time for a vacation. We established the rest house “Nidos Gaiva” knowing, that rest is a necessary and integral part of everyone’s lives and that not everyone understand its importance.

After all, health and energy is not limitless, therefore it runs out if not conserved. It is easier, simpler and cheaper to save health, than to recuperate it with medicine and modern healing methods. Even more so, when the symptoms and not the causes are often the ones being cured. It’s no news that a common cause for an illness is exhaustion and nothing will replace rest.



Did you know that resting by the sea is the most effective in replenishing energy, vigor and health? Nowadays, Lithuanians may enjoy that the Baltic sea may be easily reached from any corner of the country. Those who value tranquility choose the world famous heart of the Curonian spit – the picturesque Nida.

Rest in Nida – a narrow patch of land between the Curonian lagoon on one side and the magnificent Baltic sea on the other, is as unique as the Curonian spit itself. After all, one’s ideal rest is where the land and waters meet. That is exactly what resting in Nida is.

Apartments in Nida and importance and beauty of rest in Nida

While establishing the apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva” it was important to infuse them with the spirit of Nida and reveal that rest in Nida is not only an opportunity to immerse oneself in an authentic land with millennia of history.

Not just an opportunity to enrich one’s soul with magnificent images of nature: golden beaches, the wondrous Baltic sea, pine forest paths and unique heritage of the old fishermen – red and blue houses.

Rest in Nida – is an invitation to escape the noise of the city, to break away from routine and to recover the inspiration in life. And rest in the apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva” – is an invitation to come closer to nature and breathe the freshness of Nida!

Only here, in a wonderful garden of tranquility, each morning you’ll be greeted by dunes, the lagoon and the sea, and will be able to enjoy the natural beauty and serenity. Did you know why the Curonian spit is considered the most beautiful, prestigious and even the most magical place of the Lithuanian seaside?

It contains Preila, Juokdrantė, Pervalka and Nida which offer a pleasant escape for everyone tired from the noise and hurry of the city; a calm rest, while listening to the ebb and flow of the Baltic sea on one side and the Curonian lagoon on the other.

Nida invites you to see the unparalleled beauty at any time of day. It is difficult to find such a colorful place not only in Baltic resorts, but also everywhere in Europe: the blue and white, the green and black, the red and gold. All of them can be reached by hand from the apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva”.

If you dedicate time to Nida in the morning, you’ll see how the rising sun decorates the nature with colorful diversity – golden slopes of the dunes, the forests and shores lined with blue fog. If you decide to walk around Nida during the day, when the summer sun shines brightly, hanging from the blue sky, you’ll be met by the lush green forests and the golden glimmer of the sands.

And as the evening comes closer, Nida will present you with the most romantic moments – the red illumination of the sandy hills and the grayish horizons of the lagoon. The rest in Nida is unforgettable, as only here, are you met with unique nature in every step.

It is said that the landscape of Neringa (as well as Nida) – is like small shards of colorful glass, connected in a wonderful combination of colour and form in this kaleidoscope of nature. Each grain of sand, groove in the tree bark or wave of the lagoon remember the unique history of the Curonian spit’s inhabitants and pays respect to the old ethnic culture.

You’ll come to experience by visiting the popular sights in Nida: the old fisherman’s house (ethnographic estate), the museum of weather vanes (which presents the lives of the old fishermen), the summer house of Thomas Mann (which inspires creation and to view life with glistening eyes), the amber gallery-museum of Mizgiriai (which not only has various collections of amber, but invites to create a modern luck talisman from amber yourself).

Nida will even invite you to walk around in a stone-age settlement and much more. In truth, not every place is special; a special place is one, which has been closely inspected, enjoyed, felt deep within the soul,not only by people, but also the ancient trees. Therefore, it is important to dive into Nida with commitment.


Rest in apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva”, at any time of the year

This region allows for perfect rest at any time of the year and to uncover something unusual, as the ornaments on the dunes, crafted by the winds are charming in any season.

In spring, when Nida and the apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva” are awoken together with the nature, the pleasantly cool waves of the Baltic sea wash away the exhaustion of the winter and one feels invigorated and inspired, not only for new work, but even new chapters of life. This is the true respite offered by Nida and the apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva”.

During the summer, Nida and the apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva” is covered by the sunshine of the blooming flowers, while the Baltic sea mirrors the colours of the infinite skies. The golden dunes of Nida are generous with warmth and sunshine. Resting in Nida in the summer – is true heaven on earth for everyone. And a stay in the apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva” will ensure an unforgettable and exquisite vacation.

Each autumn, the sea gifts iodine, which is immensely important for our health. Nida is more tranquil in autumn than during the summer. Whereas for the Baltic sea autumn marks the beginning of storms, which draws curious souls to appreciate its wild beauty like a magnet. It’s important to act carefully when near the mighty Baltic sea. One may appreciate it’s beauty from the dunes with a cup of hot tea. And the apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva” will help your heart in its quest for new experiences.

During the ideal silence of the winter, the quiet streets and pines of Nida – that which surrounds our guests – dresses itself with white, radiant ornaments. The sea is unpredictable during the winter – one just has to wait for its surprises. Winter in the apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva” is a wonderful time for those seeking tranquility and quiet.


Undoubtedly, one can rest in Nida at any time, especially when it’s had at our apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva”.

It’s important to remember that not everyone succeeds in renting an apartment in Nida during the warm season, therefore accommodation should be planned beforehand.

And the best place to do that are the apartments in the very heart of Nida, which have been open for more than 10 years – “Nidos Gaiva”, with its exquisite rooms for rent and rest without worries. Apartments in Nida “Nidos Gaiva” are always waiting for you.

Where the sea whispers and nature is dizzying your mind,
“Nidos gaiva” is welcoming you!

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