Hotel in Nida

“The Curonian spit is so magnificent and unique that it is a must see, so that the soul would not be deprived of wondrous images of nature” – was once said by a prominent public figure, Prussia’s minister of education Wilhelm von Humboldt. In time, we have come to understand that the soul must be nourished by beauty, whereas the body yearns for comfortable and pleasant rest. Only when the needs of the soul and the body are aligned does our rest become perfected… This idea is at the core of the rest house “Nidos Gaiva”, the doors of which are open throughout the whole year.

As soon as you step through these doors, your vacation in Nida begins. Coziness, modest luxury and a location like no other – the centre of Nida, which has been included in UNESCO’s world heritage list are the things you will experience at our rest house. We are sure that your stay at the hotel in Nida “Nidos Gaiva” will be the perfect opportunity to uncover the authentic land of Nida, enrich your soul with wondrous images, magnificent nature, treasured stories of the past and the the old fishermen, as well as please the body with ideal rest.

Hotel in Nida

Forget your worries by choosing the rest house “Nidos Gaiva” as your Hotel in Nida and make memories of getting lost in the romantic and intimate corners of Nida, enjoying the history and the remarkable treasures of heritage and uncover the Nida region anew, admire its architecture, hints of unique culture, art and exceptional nature.

For the travellers’ convenience, we established our guest house “Nidos Gaiva” in a place which allows for all places of interest to be conveniently and quickly reached by foot. Whereas we are always ready to guide our guests towards the part of Nida which would allow for each day to surprise them with something pleasant.


What does the hotel in Nida “Nidos Gaiva” offer?

Your stay at a hotel in Nida should always be carefully planned beforehand, as to not ruin your dream vacation. Our rest house has several small and cozy rooms and apartments (double, triple, quad and even quintuple rooms), ensuring unparalleled quality for each and every guest during their stay. The modest luxury and the cozy and warm atmosphere of the rooms leaves every guest with pleasant memories and a yearning to return to Nida.

Our Hotel in Nida suits the needs of most travellers, especially those who are searching for inexpensive and comfortable accommodation. What benefits are offered by the hotel in Nida “Nidos Gaiva”?

  • A perfect opportunity for an inexpensive stay in the centre of Nida. By choosing the apartments of “Nidos Gaiva”, you will be able to reach the Curonian lagoon in several minutes by foot, while the magnificent Baltic Sea will take only 10 minutes. Travellers who visit the guest house “Nidos Gaiva” have named this one of our main benefits. Therefore, while staying at a guest house in a convenient location, you will definitely realise that resting in Nida is a perfect seaside vacation.
  • As you step through the doors of your room you will be greeted by coziness and tranquility. The rooms have been set up in a way that would have the guests constantly feel the soothing effect of the sea, therefore you’ll leave our guest house feeling energized and vigorous.
  • The rooms contain everything which one may need during their vacation. All rooms have Wi-fi, and are maintained clean and in harmony.
  • Bike rent is also offered. Bikes are perfect for exploring Nida and are especially loved by active travellers. Bikes are also perfect for those who chose to have a brief vacation in Nida, but are eager to get close to the essence of the region, see and visit the most popular and precious places in Nida, to enjoy its unique nature and rest on the golden seaside beach.
  • A cozy backyard with an outside terrace, where you’ll be able to read an interesting book, have a cup of great coffee and chat with your family or close friends. The outside terrace is a superb place to enjoy the fresh air without being interrupted or to sit down and spend the evening with people who are close to your heart.
  • The tasteful landscape is undoubtedly pleasant for the guests.


Of course, in order for your stay at a hotel in Nida to be carefree and comfortable, we recommend to reserve your rooms in advance (it’s best to do it as soon as possible), because as the summer begins, or the weather warms, it becomes difficult to find a spot to stay at. Even the prices become higher.

If you reserve your stay in advance, you will have an opportunity to pick a room which suits you best. You’ll be sure you’ll have a place to stay once your vacation starts. Therefore, renting a hotel in Nida will not cause unnecessary issues, but will also not cause unnecessary stress while looking for accomodation.


Hotel in Nida “Nidos Gaiva”: why is it worth it?

It is not necessary to talk much about the magnificence of nature, the freshness of air and the wonderful beaches you’ll find in Nida. But we believe there are some facts which may be a pleasant surprise.

Did you know that Neringa is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list as a cultural landscape object, which a has an abundance of natural and cultural heritage sites?

Did you know that the beaches of Neringa have been awarded a Blue flag? This is a very important acknowledgment and award. The Blue flag award means that a beach conforms to very high environmental protection standarts.

Did you know that you only need to wish for a memorable trip, and we will ensure your cozy stay at our Hotel in Nida? We guarantee that you will have a meaningful stay at our rest house “Nidos Gaiva”, regardless of the weather, all throughout the year.

From the very beginning we sought to ensure that each guest’s vacation at our guest house “Nidos Gaiva” would become a wonderful experience of being surrounded by nature. It is nature which, during the first moments in Nida, draws the eye of each traveller. It calls everyone to enjoy each grain of sand, the forests and the waves of the lagoon and the indescribable glimmer of the sea.

While staying in Nida you’ll be able to visit the famous Parnidis dune, walk its educational trail which will stun you with the magnificent landscapes of Nida, as well as the Urbas hill, the location of the symbol of Nida – the lighthouse; as well as the ancient pine forests, with cozy paths, which invite you to experience something extraordinary; as well as the dunes formed by wind and lined with trees; as well as the Baltic sea – its calmness and its powerful dance.

You must experience Nida closely, which is impossible to do in one day, therefore choosing a hotel in Nida is a must.


In our hotel in Nida guests are welcome all year round!

By staying in our rest house “Nidos Gaiva” you will understand why Nida has a unique aura and a distinct mood. There are many places of interest nearby (not only natural landmarks, but also museums, many places in Nida and events). And most importantly – each guest of the rest house “Nidos Gaiva” is provided with exceptional comfort and attention to detail.

Some information about rent in Nida at the guest house “Nidos Gaiva”

Nida is visited by 700 thousand tourists each year, many of who come from different parts of the world. Each guest uncovers that Nida is a port of calm, an oasis of rest and an authentic historical land, filled with nature which formed in this part of Lithuania throughout hundreds of years. But to have a pleasant vacation, a quality hotel in Nida is necessary.

From the very beginning, we ensured that your holiday in Nida will not be a problem, if it is spent at our hotel in Nida “Nidos Gaiva”. By visiting us (address G. D. Kuverto g. 8-1) you will be pleasantly greeted at any time of the year and will be able to freely enjoy your perfect vacation, pleasant images and easily accessible, wonderful places in Nida.

Since we are located in the heart of Nida, you will be able to easily reach everything by foot: the Curonian lagoon – in just a few minutes and the Baltic sea – in just 10 minutes.

We put a lot of effort into your holiday becoming unforgettable, while we leave everything else to Nida. We believe that the magical beauty of Nida: the dunes lined with trees and the beach on the shore of the Baltic sea, will charm even the most experienced travellers and that these will return here once again. And will choose our rest house “Nidos Gaiva” which will undoubtedly help in getting close to nature and breathe the freshness of Nida.

We are waiting for you at G. D. Kuverto g. 8-1 and bid you farewell until we meet in Nida!

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