Accommodation in Nida

Accommodation in Nida

The accommodation in Nida offered by us is just like an invitation to spend time closer to nature and to breathe the freshness of Nida! From the first moments here, one can feel relaxation and comfort … Modest luxury and tasteful surroundings … Coziness … And perfect rest in Nida – a land, which is included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

We began offering accommodation in Nida, when we realized that choosing accommodation is a very important part of each trip and it must be perfect. Indeed, accomodation in Nida is quite limited and may become a difficult issue when looking for a room at the last minute, during the summer season, or when it needs to fit all requirements, requests of the traveller and to ensure a wonderful atmosphere. For those who don’t reserve a room in advance, accommodation in Nida may turn the long awaited vacation into a dissapointment.

Hotels in Nida are not very cheap, and their rooms are seldom available during the hot summer days due to the many guests. Therefore, the most convenient way to ensure accommodation in Nida is to find a place to rent in advance. Of course, when renting a room in Nida, one should be careful and responsibly evaluate all offers.\

Once we realized that accomodation in Nida is the main and most time consuming issue for acquaintances and others, we decided to solve this situation by opening the guest house “Nidos Gaiva”.

Accommodation in Nida – our rooms:


  • Double room on the ground floor (double bed 200•160 cm, TV usb, MINI refrigerator in rooms (to keep soft drinks cold), Wi-Fi, refrigerator, kettle, shower, toilet);
  • Double room on the first floor with a terrace (double bed 200•160 cm, TV usb, MINI refrigerator in rooms (to keep soft drinks cold), Wi-Fi, refrigerator, kettle, shower, toilet);
  • Suite (5-bed, 2-room apartment) on the second floor 5 beds, all facilities: TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, kitchen, conditioner, shower, toilet).
Free Wi-Fi
Flat-screen tV
Kettle FOR coffee or tea
MINI refrigerator IN ROOMS (to keep soft drinks cold)
conditioner IN THE APARTMENT
refrigerator IN THE APARTMENT
Microwave OVEN (in common areas)
Shower cabin (in each room)
BEDDING (in each room)
Towels (in each room)
no smoking IN ROOMS
THREE-LOT PARKING  (to be reserved in advance)
Patio with an outdoor terrace
Raincoats (at extra charge)
Beach umbrella (at extra charge)

Orders are accepted by phone +370 615 39 555 or

Accommodation in Nida all year long

We opened the doors of the guest house “Nidos Gaiva” more than 10 years ag, and we are very happy that the guest house is attractive in its calm surroundings, cozy interior and memorable in its original architectural details, resembling those of the Klaipėda region and, most importantly, are comfortable during the whole year.

The name of the house – “Nidos Gaiva” (Freshness of Nida) – was chosen purposefully. “Nidos Gaiva” stems from the perfect circumstances for resting which are enjoyed by guests from Lithuania, as well as Europe, USA, Japan and other far corners of the world.

The modernly fitted guest house “Nidos Gaiva” offers you dual, triple, quad and a quintuple apartment with a cozy kitchen, air conditioner, DVD. Each room contains a double bed and everything one might require for a comfortable stay:

  • Kitchen appliances: kettle, cups for coffee and tea, glasses, cutlery, plates; a small fridge, etc.;
  • A free and fast wireless internet connection;
  • Flatscreen TV;
  • For some active leisure – basketball and bikes.


The second floor has a spacious outdoor terrace with outdoor furniture and a cover – for a pleasant time with friends. All guests love coming here to have a chat in the evenings and to hide from the heat of the sun during the day. Several rooms have doors which lead to the terrace.

Also, if the evening is getting cold, one can snuggle up in a plaid, which are in every room. For the guests’ convenience, each room also has a separate bathroom with a shower and WC.


The exquisite location and surroundings of “Nidos Gaiva” – for a perfect vacation

The accommodation in Nida offered by us, in the center of Nida, was created for everyone who miss peace, quiet and the true respite of a vacation. This is ensured by the exquisite location of our guest house “Nidos Gaiva”  and the unique nature of Nida.

The guest house “Nidos Gaiva” has a backyard with outdoor furniture and green grass, which is loved by our young guests and their parents.

There is a parking lot right next to the guest house. For your convenience, you can reserve a parking space in advance.


What is important to know when looking for a room in Nida?

We always seek to ensure a pleasant stay and greet our guests with love. Before choosing your rooms, we recommend planning your vacation and ensuring that your vacation in Nida will be perfect.

We created the guest house “Nidos Gaiva” by focusing on the travellers and guests. To make sure if this option for accomodation in Nida is for your, we suggest you answer several questions:

  1. Is it important for your accommodation in Nida to be in a location close to the shore of the lagoon, the cozy centre of the town, the most popular places of interest, which would allow for the walk to the sea would be brief and would surround you with magical nature?
  2. Would you like for your accommodation in Nida to be exceptionally comfortable and cozy?
  3. Do you need your accommodation in Nida to stand out with its modest luxury and a warm atmosphere?
  4. Would you like your hosts to be ready to accommodate you at any time?
  5. Is accomodation in Nida the most important issue when planning your vacation?


These are the questions were the most important while creating the guest house “Nidos Gaiva”. If you answered ‘yes’ to most (maybe even all) of the questions, then have no doubt that this is the best place for your stay.

The guest house “Nidos Gaiva” will allow you to enjoy a memorable vacation, while forgetting the worries of finding accommodation.

The guest house has small, comfortable rooms, with an atmosphere of modest luxury, cozy furniture and an aura of warmth which will make you feel at home. Also “Nidos Gaiva” is a place which ensures the exceptional quality of your stay, leaves you with unforgettable memories and ensures that your experiences in Nida will stay with you for a long time.


Several things enjoyed by travellers who chose the guest house “Nidos Gaiva”

We are proud to offer things, which make each of our guests happy:

  • The distance from the rest house “Nidos Gaiva” to the Curonian lagoon – only 100 m;
  • The distance from the rest house “Nidos Gaiva” to the Baltic sea – around 800 m. This is a great opportunity for a quiet stroll and to revitalize with the fragrant pine, lagoon and sea air;
  • The distance from the rest house “Nidos Gaiva” to the closest cozy cafe – 70 m;
  • There is a small grocery store nearby with all the necessities;
  • Attention to detail and the warm greeting of guests

“Nidos Gaiva” – accommodation in Nida (throughout the whole year)

We promise that we will greet each of our guests with sincerity, tell them all about the most popular places of interest in Nida and will offer attractions which will help escape from the routine and find inner harmony. We are proud to say – Accomodation in Nida is not a problem, if entrusted to guest house “Nidos Gaiva”!

Reservations are taken by phone: +370 615 39555 or e-mail: If you have any questions about room rent in Nida, please call or write us, and we will provide you with any necessary information about a vacation in one of the most magnificent resorts without delay.

We invite you to spend some time close to nature and to breathe the freshness of Nida!

The guest house “Nidos Gaiva” is waiting for you all year round

The guest house “Nidos Gaiva” is waiting for you all year round, since each day of the year in our guest house and Nida is special and exciting.

  • “Nidos Gaiva” is waiting for you every day from 2 p.m.
  • We say goodbye to our guests at 11 a.m.

See you soon in our holiday and guest house “Nidos Gaiva” in Nida

Kambariu nuoma Nidoje

On a hot summer day we welcome our guests with refreshing water.

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